Welcome to BrandiJP.com, a blog where I share my love for all things health, Pilates, fitness + being a mom of 3 girls 3 and under! BrandiJP.com has been in the works for 5+ years (I have the domain name bills to prove it!!), and has finally come to fruition with this idea to share and create content.
A typical reader is the everyday woman/mom, she loves to stay updated with the most recent health and fitness trends, she likes getting tips on new recipes her kids may actually eat all the while not feeling guilty about sitting back and relaxing with a nice glass of wine! I hope by following my journey it will encourage you to create a fulfilling and quality of life that you value, and will motivate you to celebrate everyday wins in your life.


I am a mom of 3 girls (Maeva 3.5, Bailey and Ariella 1.5), a Pilates and Fitness studio owner by trade all while silently battling daily struggles with Crohn’s disease. I am constantly looking for new ways to stay healthy and raise the most independent sweet little girls I possibly can. Thank you for stopping by and following my family on this crazy journey!!