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An intense anniversary

14 years ago + 1 day my life changed dramatically. Sounds intense – but it was.

I went from panicking and feeling anxious in search of a bathroom every time I left my house to stressing about my Ostomy bag and how to secure it while competing, to concerning myself of rehabbing my abdominals – and how I would ever get my strength back. Crohn’s disease was kicking my ass (pun not intended!) and I needed a change that wasn’t another diet or more drugs.

September 28, 2005 was one of the biggest most impactful days of my life. It was the day I had my large intestine removed. The entire thing. A seven hour gruelling surgery complete with post op recovery with three lovely elderly ladies as roommates who had similar operations… yeah getting an Ostomy bag isn’t typically a young persons game – but I needed it and am so thankful I got it. I won’t go into the gory details but it was a huge adjustment, never easy but wow did it make my life better. I no longer panicked leaving my house and was able to eat with less anxiety. Needless to say to this day I know my temporary Ostomy bag gave me my life back. (*February 9, 2006 I had a reversal)

Fast forward to today, I know this gruelling time of my life was so worth it. I now have amazing health (thanks to a healthy diet, exercise, stress control and high quality supplements) and an amazing family I cherish each and everyday.

I’m back to having three female roommates – but these ones are a bit cuter and frankly they’re a lot more fun 😉


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