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Three focus points – that don’t involve food

Hello hello!!! In case you’re new here – my name is Brandi, I’m a mom, wife, Certified Pilates and Fitness Trainer and a Nutrition Coach. I spend my days chasing 3 little girls and teaching my clients how they can make healthy changes to their lives and of course move better! 

For those of you that don’t know me – and those that do… I want you all to know why I share little pieces of my life, my experience and knowledge on social media. My hope is that if I can help someone – even just one person… that will make it all worth it. 

Today is all about the three areas I focus on first and foremost – that don’t involve food!


Recently I read a really intelligent post that was so simple yet profound the other day. Jen Hosler stated:

“You cannot outsmart or hack your way around millions of years of evolution” Mother Nature is smarter than you.

In her post she went on to talk about three crucial areas of our lives we simply cannot ignore. 

Sleep: we need 8 hours of quality sleep. Period.

Body Fat: we all need fat on our bodies to survive and THRIVE (*maybe your body is holding those ‘last 10-15lbs’ because that’s what it needs.

Exercise: we NEED to move daily to feel our best. 

I encourage you to check out her post for a more detailed account of the above (click here for her Instagram post). 

Here’s my truth — I don’t believe in quick fixes or magical potions (powders or otherwise!). I don’t believe in extreme training, or fad diets, and I sure don’t believe in listening to someone on the internet who clearly has no education or experience on the subject.

However I do believe in whole foods, moving your body daily, drinking water, getting adequate amounts of sleep, doing my own research and listening to qualified people on whatever subject it is I’m needing further knowledge in.

I encourage you to take control of your life, your health and seek out what makes you feel good. What types of food feel best in your body? What types of training do you enjoy? 

Drink the water, move your body and sleep.

As always if you have any questions feel free to contact me. I’m here to help you be your healthiest and happiest self (*they go hand in hand).


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