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Post workout soreness

Are you ever sore after a workout? Later that day? The following or even up to 3 days later??

This 👆 is totally normal. The real questions are, what is sore (specifically) and for how long did it last? Those are both better questions to be asking.

As a Pilates instructor / Fitness Trainer I often have new clients asking me if it’s ok they aren’t sore from a workout. My easy response. “Completely normal, but it would also be completely normal if you are sore too!”

Just because you’re sore from a workout doesn’t mean it was effective. Or on the contrary, if you aren’t sore from a workout it doesn’t mean it wasn’t effective.

There are so many factors that play into post workout muscle fatigue and soreness. Look at your diet for example, did you eat something different? Maybe you had too much sodium and you’re even feeling bloated post workout. High inflammatory foods can wreak havoc on our bodies.

If you find you’re sore in places like your lower back or anywhere else that is restricting your daily activities you may have pushed your workout too hard… so pay attention to your body and be more cautious the next time. This is not something we want.

If you’re sore in places like your legs, arms, back or abdominals it is quite possible you shocked your muscles and worked them a little harder / differently than usual. This is fine.

If you’re feeling an overall soreness it may just be due to diet choices.

Bottom line: sore, not sore both are completely normal and acceptable.

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