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Ouff it’s been a minute since I’ve written one of these. No excuses!!

In recent weeks I’ve been having some really insightful discussions with fellow trainers, other health professionals and many of my clients surrounding habits – specifically healthy habits. If you weren’t aware I have a free program with my friend Jenny where we help you embed healthy practices into your daily life. We aren’t selling anything – we are genuinely out to impact peoples lives. If you’re interested the link is here to sign up.

Now on to my personal daily health habits. There are some things I do that anyone can do… I thought others could potentially benefit from learning what is working for me (right now – this is always evolving and changing!) I did write a blog on my Morning Routine a few months ago so this is expanding on that thought.

  • Early wake up. This allows me to get a few things done before I can be interrupted by any of the other four people in my house.
  • Healthy breakfast. I always start my day on the healthiest note possible – it encourages me to continue that throughout the day.
  • Move my body. Every single day. I always get some sort of movement in – I prefer an early morning workout but if that doesn’t happen then I make sure to get it done at another time during the day… or at the very least I move more with my kids! Movement always makes me feel amazing.
  • Eat as many vegetables as possible. It sounds simple but I have this desire to plan meals around what vegetables I can put on my plate (in a smoothie or even muffins!) – the more green and the more colour on my plate the happier I am (and the better my stomach feels!).
  • Limit caffeine to one… two cups a day max. I truly believe (and there’s actual science that agrees with me ;)) if you are feeling an afternoon crash there is a deeper underlying issue. Caffeine should never be the answer! Drink a glass of water – or my personal favourite eat an apple!!!! Give it a try and tell me it doesn’t help!
  • Water. Lots and lots of water. All day everyday.
  • Alcohol – I like to limit it to the weekends (with the occasional glass during the week when necessary haha!). When I drink wine I like to alternate a glass with a glass of water – slows the drinking and keeps me hydrated.
  • Keeping a regular schedule for my kids. This makes my day easier when I know what time we have a snack, what time we leave for daycare etc.
  • Screen time – for me I limit my social media and I only consume people who are going to offer value! I also avoid looking at my phone 9pm – 7am (*I do post occasionally early am but I literally go on, post and leave!).
  • Screen time – for the girls. We limit any and all screens on a regular basis. I remember a time we had Maeva watching the Ipad while I gave a bath to the twins… she was never more of a little monster than she was during that short phase!!!! Nowadays we let the girls watch the occasional movie with friends on the weekends and because its rare they truly feel its a great treat (win/win!!!!)
  • Snacks – I always have a lot of healthy snacks in the freezer to grab whenever we are short on time.
  • Supplements – I eat really well but with the quality of our food decreasing I find it necessary to supplement it gives my body the nutrients it needs to function at optimal level. *Nutritional supplements are not all created equal… if you have any questions about this please contact me directly – I can help!
  • Practice gratitude / meditation (this one is new for me!) / journal. Find something that brings you out of yourself and helps you focus on being more selfless… find something you can practice daily and do it!
  • Be present. When we are with friends I leave my phone in my purse. If my kids are with me there is nothing that can’t wait. The people in front of me deserve my full attention.

Green Smoothie Recipe

1/2 Frozen Banana
Protein Powder (my plant based personal favourite here)
PB Nut Powder (delicious nutty flavour without all the added fat!)
Hemp Hearts
Collagen (Within Us is my favourite – Canadian company!)
Lots of spinach / kale

I know some of the above may seem like scheduled things vs healthy habits… but for me they are one in the same. I like to think of habits as something we do on autopilot… something that doesn’t require much thought or effort.

I hope you find some of my list useful – have an amazing day!



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