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It’s 2019 and Social Media is changing constantly. Which means our lives are changing constantly – the way we communicate being the biggest change in the last years. Transparency and authenticity are lacking and getting harder to spot – I strive to be one of the people you can count on for just that: transparency and authenticity.

I write this blog post in hopes of letting you see who I am and what I’m about – not what’s online and definitely not what some may assume based on a whole load of other things. I am here to be the true original me – no copying no imitating, just me. If I can help even one single person because of this post then putting this out there is all worth it.

Straight up facts: I’m a 32 year old mom to three beautiful little girls. I am married to their loving father – a real keeper! I’ve owned a Pilates studio for over five years. Certified Personal Fitness Trainer for ten years and Certified Pilates Instructor for seven. I am a retired athlete (racquetball). I am finishing up a Nutrition Certification. I Co-Created Habit Cycling – a project teaching people to develop healthy habits! Oh yeah – and, I have Crohns disease.

The stuff you may not know: Educate / share and help. Those are my overriding goals in life. Those are the things that drive me (aside from my little family of course!). I want to use my knowledge and many life experiences to help others in any way I can. I have been working in the health / fitness / wellness industry for over a decade (not to mention my prior years growing up in a fitness facility and competing competitively on a National team!) – I am aware I am already helping, fixing, educating and sharing with all of my clients but, I want to increase my reach.

Reaching more people means using my social media platform (Blogging, Instagram etc.) to bring awareness and hopefully educate you all about gut health, self care, moving your body properly and pain free (*this is a biggie!), eating what our bodies actually want and a whole host of other topics I find riveting (seriously, I love this stuff!).

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If you’re suffering from gut issues, pain while training (or not doing anything at all!), confused about what direction to take with your health – I am here to help. Reach out with any questions – I will do my best to answer, and anything out of my scope I will help you find the best path to take on your journey to a healthier you.

“If you’re not making someone else’s life better, then you’re wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other lives better.” 

– Will Smith


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