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My Morning Routine

Hello! I was chatting with one of my clients the other day about our respective routines… in particular our morning routines. It was eye opening when we got into what I was doing daily without any thought (I’m very routine and Habit focused…). She was quite interested to learn what I was doing to start my day off with so much productivity. I thought maybe others could benefit and adapt to what would work for them!

My morning routine begins the night before, I make sure to be upstairs by 9:30pm (give or take, ideally 9pm) – after I’ve cleaned up and ‘closed’ the house downstairs. When I get upstairs I go through my regular night routine but the important things that get me prepped for the following day are setting out my workout clothes and putting my phone away (again ideally this is something I would be turning off by 9pm!) – this sets me up for success the next morning.

For my alarm I use an app called Sleep Cycle. I’m mentioning it for two reasons:

  1. It tracks my sleep pattern (deep sleep vs more awake *this part I’m not sure how accurate it is) and amount of time in bed. I love tracking how much time I’m getting in bed… it challenges me to get more!!!
  2. I like the alarm – the actual ring tone of it and the fact that I can set it for 5:30am and it will have a buffer of up to 30 mins. What this means is if my sleep tracker thinks I’m in a deep sleep it will let me sleep till 5:30am but if it feels I’m more awake it will go off anytime during that 30 mins buffer. I find I wake up more peacefully if I’m not in a dead out cold sleep when my alarm goes off!
  • Wake up – by 5:35am (goal is 5:00am consistently!!!)
  • Get out of bed immediately 5,4,3,2,1… GO! (no looking at my phone)
  • Head to the bathroom splash cold water on my face
  • Write down 3 things I’m grateful for (this part I am trying to add in consistently – I always say it out loud and think it, but actually writing it down has been trickier!) I use the Five Minute Journal – such a great investment!
  • Drink about 12 ounces of water
  • Put on my prepared workout clothes
  • Head straight downstairs to workout
  • Workout (planned in advance)
  • Make a coffee for Matt (yes I am the best wife haha!)
  • Make a green smoothie for myself
  • Drink the smoothie while checking my phone for work emails
  • Showered and ready by 7:00am

It looks like a lot of steps when I type it out but its become my routine and I’m so happy to be ready to go for my day before we get the girls up and ready for daycare! It makes for a more peaceful morning.

Key points for me to start my day on a healthy positive note:

  • Water (hydrate)
  • Journal (being more mindful)
  • Workout (move my body!)
  • Smoothie (nourish my body!)

*I make sure to do all of the above before checking my phone – it helps me start my day with a clear mind of only my thoughts and ideas.

How do you start your day? I’m always open to new ways to make my day more productive and centered!

“To simply wake up every morning a better person than when I went to bed.”

– Sidney Poitier


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